Deep Sea Fishing in Virginia

Think you’ve got what it takes to win a fight with a big game fish tipping the scales at 100 pounds or more? Are you ready to test your mettle out in the deep waters of the Atlantic, where the fish are ready to battle until exhaustion? If you said “yes!” to these questions, you’re primed for deep sea fishing in Virginia with Cast Away Fishing Charters!

Deep sea fishing in Virginia is an experience like none you’ve ever had. Forget toiling over tiny vacation details like which sights to see and the best local amusements – simply let Cast Away Fishing Charters know when you’re going to be in town and when you’re ready to head out on to the water, and we’ll take care of the rest! It’s truly that easy… that is, until that huge fish bites and you’ve got to take it on!

Since the typical fishing charter boat can hold upwards of ten or twelve people – these experiences are tailor made for groups of friends or family! Whether you’re looking to set up your uncle or brother with a far better birthday party than a cake and ice cream, or you’re the best man who’s looking for the ultimate bachelor party experience, deep sea fishing in Virginia is the way to go!

Virginia Fishing Charters

Virginia fishing charters specialize in a range of fishing experience that can fulfill every desire. Inshore, offshore, deep sea fishing and rock fishing are all in the cards, and you can experience all of them in a single day if you so choose! Inshore and bottom-fishing charters are popular for those who are heading out with children and families, since the fish can be small enough that the kids can join in the fun. Be sure to let Cast Away Fishing Charters know if you’re on a family vacation, so we can set you up with a captain that knows how to keep the kids enjoying the trip!

Fishing licenses, rods, reels, even cleaning the catch… all of the details are taken care of when you head out with one of our Virginia fishing charters. Cast Away Fishing Charters takes pride in offering you and your group an “all-inclusive” experience, so you can jump on the boat and get out there to land a whopper!

One of the best parts of fishing in the mid-Atlantic is that there are always a handful of species migrating through the area. This means that no matter what time of year it is, the fish will be biting! There’s a reason that Virginia fishing charters are known the world over… and the reputation is well deserved. Let Cast Away Fishing Charters know when you’ll be around and we’ll set you up with everything you need.

Fishing Charters in Virginia

You can picture it already… spending a day in the sun with your friends, cruising the Virginia coast in search of the coveted striped bass or perhaps the cobia, which will put up one of the best fights around. Pack up a nice lunch for everyone; with the epic battles you’ll be going through all day, you’re going to need to keep up your strength!

Without question, fishing charters in Virginia are the best way to take in the beautiful scenery that the Atlantic has to offer while working out your fishing skills. Beginner, intermediate or “fishing god” – you’ll be at home on any of the boats that Cast Away Fishing Charters sets up you with! Whether you want to head out from Chesapeake Bay or from Virginia Beach or Chincoteague, we’ll hook you up with an experienced captain that has a nose for finding the big game fish.

What are you waiting for? If you’re ready to climb into a boat and get out into the deep waters to catch the next massive fish to make the newspaper headlines, Cast Away Fishing Charters is ready to make it happen! See you on the high seas!