Key West Fishing

Key West Fishing Charters

Key West fishing charters are a truly incredible experience. Key West has some of the most addictive and rewarding fishing in the world. Key West has been a magnet for fishermen, both novice and experienced, for hundreds of years. It’s where Ernest Hemingway used to fish for gigantic blue marlin. A keen fisherman, Hemingway wrote of his experiences fishing for marlin off Key West in “The Old Man and the Sea.”

While there are legendary deep sea fishing charters in Key West, you don’t have to be a legend like Hemmingway to experience it. However, if you land the big one, you might just become a legend. Blue marlin isn’t the only huge fish in the waters off Key West, there are another 225 species of big game fish swimming around in the crystal clear waters just waiting for the right fisherman to come along on the right day on the right Key West fishing charters to catch the monster fish of a lifetime.

Key West Fishing Charters

Key West Fishing Charters

If the prospect of catching the big one while you’re fishing Key West excites you, or you just want to have an enjoyable day aboard a Key West fishing charter, then you should definitely consider taking a Key West fishing charter with Cast Away Fishing Charters. We’ll be able to take you out into the deep water where the big game swims. You just can’t get that kind of fishing anywhere near the shore. You have to go out, to the deep sea.

It’s not just about distance from the shore; it’s also about area. Some places have much more fish than others (click here to see common Key West fishing charter species). The sad thing is that a lot of Key West fishing charter captains just don’t know where these places are. They don’t have the skills, the experience, or the fishing knowhow to lead you to these prime Key West deep sea fishing spots.

Key West Deep Sea Fishing

That will never happen with Cast Away Fishing Charters. Our Key West fishing charters are run by some of the most skilled professionals operating of the island. In most cases they have been deep sea fishing in Key West since they were just out of diapers. Sea water runs in their blood, and fishing is second nature to them. It’s incredibly difficult to find Key West deep sea fishing captains with as much passion as ours. That’s why Cast Away Fishing Charters are a great choice for your fishing trip and Key West fishing charters no matter what level of experience you have.

Some of the people who choose to enjoy a day of deep sea fishing with Cast Away Fishing Charters have a very serious attitude towards big game fishing. They’re experienced sports fisherman who won’t be happy until they’ve landed something huge. Our Key West fishing charter captains are more than capable of accommodating them with great advice, great gear, and great fishing spots.

Not everyone has such a serious attitude however, and when deep sea fishing in Key West is such a relaxing way to pass the time who can blame them? Sometimes you just want to get away from it all and leave your worries behind with the shoreline. We don’t mind if you’re not experienced. We don’t care if you don’t take fishing particularly seriously. Our Key West fishing charter captains will guide you in the right direction even if you’ve never fished before. They will share the joy of your first big catch, and they will give you the friendly advice that you need to get there.

Whether you’re taking things seriously or just having fun, we just care about the joy of fishing. You might be a complete beginner. You might be an expert. It doesn’t matter to us. We’re just interested in making sure that your day of deep sea fishing is fun and enjoyable. With Cast Away Fishing charters, planning your ideal deep sea fishing day is easy. We take care of the hard stuff, leaving you free to just enjoy catching fish. When it comes to Key West fishing charters, trust the experts at Cast Away for a hassle free experience.

Common Key West Fishing Charter Targets:

  • Tarpon Fishing
  • Bone Fish
  • Marlin
  • Wahoo
  • Dolphin fish (Mahi Mahi)
  • Tuna