Tampa Bay Fishing Charters

Some of the worlds best deep sea fishing happens in Tampa Bay. It really is one of the most beautiful parts of the country. It has been one of the most popular destinations for a vacation in the United States for decades, and has year long sunshine, beautiful scenery, and of course an incredible variety of fish.

Most people who head offshore for deep sea fishing in Tampa Bay are looking for snapper, grouper, or amberjack, but there are over two hundred fishable species swimming around in the crystal clear waters of Tampa Bay. It doesn’t matter what type of fish you really long to catch, you can find it fishing in Tampa Bay.

If you’re feeling particularly brave, you might try going after the almighty Tarpon. These fantastic fish are absolutely huge, but more importantly they put up quite a fight. Tarpon are fish with an almighty attitude, and they are not to be approached lightly!

If you want to face the almighty Tampa Bay tarpon, or indeed any good deep sea fishing in Tampa Bay, then you’ll need an experienced captain to act as your guide. No matter your skill level, you can only do great deep sea fishing in Tampa Bay with a great captain, and sadly they are few and far between.

Here at Cast Away Fishing Charters, we’ve assembled a team of the greatest captains in the whole Tampa Bay fishing area. Our captains have decades of Tampa Bay deep sea fishing experience, an incredible passion for fishing, and a consummate professionalism. It’s exactly what you need in a deep sea fishing captain. By booking your Tampa Bay fishing charter with Cast Away Fishing Charters, you can rest assured that your Tampa Bay fishing captain will have the skills, knowledge and experience to make your day a huge success.

If you have a bit of experience with fishing, then an experienced captain can unlock your real potential. By bringing you to the most fertile fishing grounds in Tampa Bay, you will have the best chance of your life to catch incredible fish. It’s this supreme local knowledge that sets our captains apart from the rest. All of our captains have been deep sea fishing in Tampa Bay for ten years or more, so you can be sure that they have a lot of advice to offer even the most experienced fishermen..

If you’ve never fished before, then our captains can give you the guidance that you need to truly enjoy fishing. Even if it’s literally your first time holding a fishing pole, our captains have a friendly understanding demeanor to guide you through your first fishing experience. They are very experienced at offering tuition and guidance to fishermen of all levels, even complete novices. Many a beginner has landed their first big catch aboard one of our Tampa Bay fishing charters, with the help and advice of our incredible captains.

It’s not just our phenomenal captains that set Cast Away Fishing Charters above the rest. It’s also the fantastic boats that they command. Safety is one of our highest considerations, so we make sure that our boats are exceptionally sea worthy and incredibly safe even in rough waters. They are also equipped with the latest technology. Our boats have incredible fish finding systems. When this advance technology is combined with the knowledge of our Tampa Bay deep sea fishing captains, you can find fish that are bigger than you’ve ever seen before! They are also fitted with the latest GPS systems to make sure you know exactly where you are at all times.

Above all, it’s our professional service that sets Cast Away Fishing Charters apart. We make it incredibly easy for you to have a fantastic, relaxing and exciting Tampa Bay fishing experience. Whether you’ve never fished before or you are a seasoned fisherman, all you have to do is give us a call and we’re happy to take care of the rest.