Deep Sea Fishing Florida

Deep sea fishing is the widely considered to be the apex of modern fishing. Some of the most exciting, thrilling, and rewarding deep sea fishing spots in the world can be found in the great state of Florida. Finding a decent fishing charter company can be a task in itself. Some charters venture out into the ocean up to 10 miles, while others are willing to go 35 miles out and up. The distance you travel depends on what kind of fish you would like to catch and the capacity of your charter company. Deep sea fishing can be a dangerous affair. The waters outside off the coast of Florida can be rather turbulent at times so finding an experienced charter company should be a priority.

Experienced fisherman can plan their trips around the type of fish they would like to encounter. Obviously the more dangerous species such as sharks require a charter company that has sufficient equipment to deal with such a beast, but there are companies in Florida who specialize in this area. You will spend less if you are interested in finding tamer fish like tuna and cod. Both of which can be found off the coast of eastern Florida as well as in the Gulf of Mexico.

Popular Florida Deep Sea Fishing Destinations:

Florida Deep Sea Fishing

The boat can make a big difference in the overall experience of your deep sea fishing charter. Obviously, some are better than others. Smaller charter companies can offer you few amenities and limited access to the wild oceans. More advanced charter boats have elaborate viewing decks and posh cabins with luxurious amenities like fully stocked bars and exotic food kitchens stocked with the local Florida deep sea fishing catches. There are several different options varying from sixty bucks for a half day trip all the way up to three or four thousand for a private chartered fishing adventure.

If you are lucky, you can catch an edible fish. There are plenty of edible deep sea fish off the coast of Florida. Tuna and cod are both common and delicious. Usually the crew will gut and filet the fish for you, and then instruct you on a good restaurant to have it cooked at. It is quite satisfying to sit down at a table with a nice bottle of wine and a big plate of scrumptious fish that you caught yourself. Come to Florida to experience all the thrill and excitement that a chartered deep sea fishing trip can provide. It’s deep sea fun for the whole family!