Bass Fishing

Bass Fishing with Cast Away Fishing Charters

Whether you’re visiting the seaside for vacation or live nearby, a bass fishing charter can serve as the ultimate mini-vacation for the avid fisherman or the beginner alike. A day on the water with friends, lines in the water and bass fish being reeled aboard, makes for a memorable experience for everyone involved.

An All-Inclusive Bass Fishing Experience

The beginner fisherman–or the experienced fisher who happens to be traveling without personal gear needn’t worry about any details aside from booking the charter and showing up. Cast Away Fishing Charters provides all of the equipment and expertise needed for a successful day on the water.

Every state of the art fishing boat in the company’s fleet is fully equipped with fishing tackle as well as knowledgeable guides who make a living not only in bass fishing, but in tracking down and landing other deep sea game like marlin, snapper, tarpon, mackerel, and even sharks.

Booked My Charter, Now What?

Having booked your charter on the bass fishing home page, simply show up at the dock with your sunscreen, your camera, and a cooler of your favorite beverage (and ice, so you can replace your drinks with your captured fish as the day progresses)–the rest will be taken care of.

The fleet’s boat captains, all of whom are seasoned fishermen as well as licensed skippers, use the latest fish-finding technology and network with other captains to garner the latest bass fishing reports for the area.

Any beginner fisherman on the chartered fishing cruise can draw on the experience of the crew to gather bass fishing tips, as well as filleting instruction for those who wish to bring the game fish home for dinner.

Let’s do it—Bass Fishing

Customize your own fishing charter to the number in your party, their seamanship (“landlubbers” unsure of their sea legs may prefer to cruise in more protected waters nearer shore), the fish you wish to pursue, and the amount of time you’d like to devote to their pursuit. An overnight adventure can take you into deeper waters to intersect the massive seagoing pompano or tuna runs, or you can start smaller with a half-day family outing and picnic nearer shore. Children are welcome on board, although parents should assess the ages and personalities of the kids in question to consider whether the young ones will enjoy the trip.

Your bass fishing guide can counsel you on the species of big game fish you encounter, and you may even come across a migrating group of spouting whales or a pod of playful dolphins who enjoy leaping alongside the bow of the boat.

Bass Fishing Tournaments and Trophy Fish

Big game fishing has been a sought-after sport since the 1700s, beginning as a hunt for food among coastal citizens of the southern United States and Caribbean islands, and gaining popularity as a form of sport.

Technology, ranging from the basics of fishing tackle to the electronic advancements of fish-finders and navigational technology, has added to the enjoyment of the sport itself, beginning with the 1770 invention (by the wonderfully named gentleman called Onesimus Ustonson)of a multiplying fishing reel, which then evolved into the bait caster.

A century later, an 1897 patent for a winding device heralded the production, beginning in 1915, of the Shannon Twin Spinner reel, the forerunner of today’s spinner bait reels. The introduction of the motor boat, with specific game fishing boats launching production early on in the 20th century, established the last of the basic game gear for big game fishermen.

Bass Fishing Games— How It Became Popular?

Ernest Hemingway popularized the sport with his accounts of seemingly care-free Florida Keys lifestyle, redolent with the romance of wrestling big game fish and ending the day at a tropical sailors’ bar. Black and white photos show Hemingway grinning beside sword-billed marlins taller than himself, and many a prospective sportsman has felt inspired by the seagoing tales as well as the photos and the picturesque coastal lifestyle.

Big game fishing circles aren’t all focused on the chilled-out experience of a day on the Water and an evening at the pub, however. The proliferation in recent decades of sport fishing tournaments and trophies attests to the growing competitive nature of the sport.

Locations from Maine to Florida, the Caribbean Isles and the Gulf Coast shores of Texas, the Pacific coast off California, and even the Hawaiian Islands host regular tournaments which draw the most serious of big game fishermen for the challenge and prizes associated with this competitive subset of the sporting world.

Bass Fishing Games—Tricks

Bass fishing games are among the experiences you can enjoy with Cast Away Fishing Charters. When you call or email to book your charter, ask the experts about tournament timing if you’d like to participate in one of the nation’s many bass fishing competitions.

Whether or not you’re fishing during a scheduled tournament, the fish itself can be a noteworthy trophy. You’ll have the option of filleting your catch dockside at the end of the day, or keeping it to have a taxidermist mount as a permanent souvenir of your fishing adventure.

If you intend to keep the mounted memento of your bass fishing foray, ask your fishing guide for advice on the best way to care for your catch in the field in order to deliver it in good condition to the taxidermist.

Bass Fishing Games—Tips

Generally speaking, some of the best tips for preserving your prize include dispatching it with a sharp instrument through the eye (rather than clubbing and damaging it), and attempting not to disturb the fish’s own protective slime coating. Wrap it up in a generous length of freezer wrap, and then put it on ice or in a freezer facility.

If the fish is sharing space with your drinks in a cooler, take care not to bruise or damage it with the heavy cans. The more quickly you deliver the fish to the taxidermist, the better its condition is likely to be, and the more beautifully the taxidermist will be able to preserve it for you.

Inquire of your guide as to the best recommended taxidermist; if you consider taxidermy as a form of wildlife art, you want to place your own prize in the hands of the most esteemed artist.

Social Networking and Bass Fishing

Although the term “fish story” is used to refer in jest to any exaggerated account, the truth is that your adventure with Cast Away Fishing Charters is going to be an experience worth sharing!

Whether the records of your bass fishing trip take the form of competition trophies, mounted trophy fish, or trophy-worthy photographs of your expedition and your catch, you’ll likely enjoy the interaction and advice of fellow fishing enthusiasts. Both before and after your trip, you might enjoy exploring some of the many bass fishing forums online, wherein fisher folk share tips and recommendations, reviews of fishing tackle and charter services, and enthusiasm over one another’s shared photographs.

Depending upon your own geographic location, you may even have the opportunity to join a fishing club, which will likely sponsor tournaments and fishing outings, as well as workshops or clinics, guest speakers, and travelogues by members or guests who have traveled to fish elsewhere. There’s perhaps no better way to stoke one’s own enthusiasm and enjoyment of the fishing experience than by indulging in the socialized aspect, interacting with and learning from other fishing enthusiasts.

Look for social networking opportunities on Facebook, Twitter and online forums. An enjoyable part of any adventure is the sharing of it afterward, and social networking sites will supercharge your anticipation of the expedition beforehand, as well as enable you to relish and share it afterward.

Why You’ll Enjoy Bass Fishing With Cast Away Fishing Charters:

  • The charter company offers affordable adventures of any duration, for parties of any size.
  • State of the art fleet of comfortable and well equipped boats.
  • Experienced boat captains and fishing guides to assist you in finding the best fishing grounds on any given day, as well as setting up your tackle and caring for your catch.
  • Everything you’ll need is included, from the boat and expertise to the fishing tackle itself.
  • Or, if you’re an avid fisherman, you’re welcome to bring and enjoy your own tackle
  • Book a bass fishing experience in any part of the country with the many available locations of Cast Away Fishing Charters.
  • Participants of every age and experience level are welcome onboard, so you can plan a family expedition or focus on fishing with friends who share your enthusiasm for sport fishing.

Introduce friends or family to the delights of fishing, or try them for the first time yourself with Cast Away Fishing Charters. Don’t wait to book your bass fishing experience–simply fill out the form below and begin anticipating your own adventure!